Header and Home Tagline

In header can be a top menu, a logo image, title and description site, and the main menu. For the background of the header, you can choose a custom color or background image. Look how different can be the header of the website with custom settings using Customizer.

custom header

Home Tagline section

The theme has several templates for the Home page. Some of them have a section of Home Tagline. For this section, you can select the background color or upload background image. A section can contain text or shortcode plugin. You can creatively use this section.

Activate the plugin Jetpack or Google Maps or Soliloquy Slider. Paste the shortcode of the plugin in the section of Home Tagline of Customizer. For example, if this theme is used for blog traveler, then you can put a map with marked locations and photos.

click to see large size
click to see large size

1) Text with tag class <h1 class="intro-txt">; 2) Empty section Tagline Home; 3) Used shortcode plugin Soliloquy Slider; 4) Used shortcode Jetpack plugin Google Maps;